Some of this vocabulary you should know and understand if you want to jump into the world of Cryptocurrency or even as an additional test. Insilah Term will help you or what you will often use or use when entering the world of cryptocurrency.

  1. Cryptocurrency = Digital Currency
  2. Specific Tokens = Assets or Utilities that are Above Other Blockchain
  3. BTC = Bitcoin (the most popular cryptocurrency)
  4. Alt-Coin (ALTS) = Alternative Bitcoin like Ethereum and Dogecoin
  5. Satoshi = The smallest unit of Bitcoin (0.00000001)
  6. Mining = Activity to Mine Cryptocurrency
  7. Hold on for dear life (Holdl) = hold your Crypto
  8. Blockchain = The technology behind cryptocurrency that functions as a digital book containing transaction records
  9. Shitcoin = Cryptocurrency that is not valuable
  10. Moon = Medium High Price of Crypo
  11. Mars = Crypto Prices that Go High
  12. Solid Coin = Trusted Coin
  13. Wallet = where to save Cryptocurrency
  14. Adress = An address to receive or send cryptocurrency
  15. Private Key = Personal Asset Key

Market & ICO
  1. Bull Run / Bullish = Rising Market Prices
  2. Bear Marcet / Bearish = Falling Market Prices
  3. Market Capitalization: Market Capitalization. (price) X (coins in circulation)
  4. Inital Coin Offering (ICO) = Initial Coin Selling Activity
  5. Hard Cap = The maximum amount that the ICO will receive
  6. Soft Cap = Minimum Amount to be received by ICO
  7. WhitePaper = ICO Proposal
  8. Road Map = Plans To Be Taken In The Crypto Project
  9. Airdrop = Cryptocurrency distributed for free
  10. KYC / AML = Data Required to Verify Identity
  11. Sacm = False / Fraudster
  12. Smart Contrack = Agreement Written Digitally, Transparent and Cannot Be Changed
  13. Burning = Crypto Destruction Process, Usually Cryptocurrency is not sold when the ICO ends
  14. Circulating supply = Available Cryptocurrency Amount

Trading Crypto
  1. FUD: Fear, Uncertainity, Doubt = The fear that arises when there is a bad news arises
  2. Fudder = Bad News Spreader
  3. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out = Fear of Missing Information
  4. Shill / Shilling = Promoting A Coin to Other Coins
  5. ATH: All Time High = Highest Price at Crypto Release
  6. Buy The Dip (BTD) = Buy coins whose prices have dropped dramatically
  7. Pum = Buying Coins for Prices to Rise
  8. Dump = Selling coins when high
  9. Pum and Dump = Buying Coins to Rise and Sell at High Prices
  10. Holder Bag = Someone Who Bought a Coin at a High Price and Didn't sell it to become a shitcoin
  11. Landing Rate = Lending Coin to Others
  12. Limit Order = Coin Orders Placed in the Future that Will Be Executed When Reaching a Price Target
  13. Shot = Short Position That Trader Takes When Believing Coin Value Drops
  14. Long = A Long Position That A Trader Takes When Believing The Value Of A Coin Rises
  15. Buy The Fuck Dip (BTFD) = Buying Coins When Its Value Is Very Low
  16. Buy The Dip (BTD) = Buying Coins When Prices Drop Drastically
  17. Cut Los = Selling Coins When Prices Decline, Intended to Avoid Large Losses
  18. WEAK Hands = Someone Who Sells Coins With Market Losses Because of Fear
  19. Whitelisted = Received / entered into the list
  20. Delisted = Issued From List
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