Where to buy Bitcoin in Uganda and other countries in the African Continent

The crypto exchange is a public place to sell & buy cryptocurrency, some even have their own features and uniqueness and are intended to attract more users to their platform.

In the beginning, the crypto exchange can operate all over the world and not their clients are generally not using KYC as a condition for using their platforms. However, at this time the government began to intervene in the crypto exchange, generally, the government issued regulations on cryptocurrency.

Like you who are from the African continent then you have come to the right place, this article will discuss the best crypto exchanges operating in the African region.

LUNO is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates in South Africa, Nigeria and other countries outside Africa. This exchange has excellent facilities and support for users.
Besides this exchange does not charge any fees for buying and selling and withdrawing activities. However, this exchange only listed Bitcoin and Ethereum and traded local currencies.

2. LocalBitcoins
is a person-to-person (p2p) bitcoin buying and selling service, LocalBitcoins uses the Escrow service as security to transact its users.
LocalBitcoin has various payment services such as PayPal, skrill, advcash, and others. But generally, payment is made in cash.

3. CoinCorner
It is a cryptocurrency exchange based on the Isle of Man. This exchange operates all over the world, including the African continent.
Users can buy cryptocurrency with SEPA, credit/debit card, bank transfer, and Neteller payment services and do not require verification for transactions under 100 EURO

4. ATM Bitcoin
It's a common ATM device, but a Bitcoin ATM can be used to buy, send and receive BTC from various places
Some users argue that the Bitcoin ATM has a much better privacy security system. However, these advantages must be borne by the user at a cost of 10-15% per transaction.

5. Changely
Bursa has a list of cryptos that can be traded with clients. This exchange operates in almost all countries in the world. However, to use this exchange you must have crypto and the transaction process is done instantly. This is because Changeli basically does not control your crypto and only exchanges it.

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