STEM Analysis, Is It Good Or Not For Investment?

It seems that not many Startup blockchains are trying to solve social media problems, in the digital era, it is very important to have a platform that allows everyone not to be afraid of government intervention.

Startup with SteemIt exists to be the most popular blockchain-based social media application. SteemIt claims that they are decentralized and hold government censorship. Then how successful is this platform and does Coin Steem become an investment object?

SteemIt & Coin Steem analysis for investment

Steem was founded in 2014 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, they have different ideas about cryptocurrency and believe that the blockchain and crypto are resistant to censorship. According to them, crypto should be used to create social media that prioritizes freedom.

Steem's ideas about TeemIt are not focused on content but are similar to Reddit's platform where users can talk about whatever they want and get rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Making SteemIt invites various opinions from the blockchain and from outside. Many people are optimistic that SteemIt is important for the blockchain community because it is resistant to a sensor and as evidence of whether blockchain-based social media can develop itself or not.

Meanwhile, the opinions of skeptics say free social media empowers people with extreme views. Generally, they are blocked from conventional social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), people like them might have a new home on SteemIt.

I don't know which side you're in, but certainly, SteemnIt has initially considered the freshest blockchain project and inspired other projects to target various cases solved by the blockchain and not just be better crypto.

SteemIt also resolves other issues such as advertising and affiliation that users typically use to get money in social media. SteemIt also uses a monetization system where comments or votes will also get rewards (in crypto).

In addition to SteemIt's platform, Steem also develops other platforms such as eSteem, Dtube (decentralized videos), Utopian (funding Open-Source projects), and Steem Monster (trading card games)

SteemIt uses three cryptocurrencies namely Dollar Steem, STEEM, and Steem Power.

Steem Dolar, this coin is equivalent to $ 1 and is similar to a stable coin. Popular posters on steemit will get 50% Dollar Steem and 50% Steem Power.

You will get a 10% fee from their HOLDing. Some steemit users prefer to sell Steem Dollars to Steem Power because of the better incentives given to Steem Power HODL-ers.

STEEM is the original crypto from the blockchain steem. Indicators to see how big the Steem ecosystem can also be seen from this coin. STEEM is eroded at a rate of 9.5% every year, due to the continuous manufacture of STEEM coins every month.

STEEM trades on the Binance, HitBTC, Huobi, Bithumb, Upbit, Bittrex and other exchanges. Generally, it also goes to the BTC and ETH or the relevant exchange crypto. so if you want to buy or sell STEEM you can use the exchanges mentioned above.

Steem Power. 15% of STEEM coins will be automatically awarded to Steem Power holders, and the rest will be distributed to counter makers, voters, commentators, and others.

In other words, you will get STEEM for free from holding the Steem Power coin.

SteemIit a few years ago became the most popular platform, but many things have happened and steemit is starting to lose its popularity. many users leave Steemit, maybe this is because Dan Larimer left the project and moved to EOS. this is not without reason, most steemit users are fans of Dan Larimer.

Then at the beginning of this year, another controversy arose, namely, the use of social media by the name of thedarkoverlord was banned by one of the esteemed developers. This certainly makes people surprised to remember before the SteemIt pepperfighter resistant platform sensor.

Future Potential
In my opinion, SteemIt is now as unpopular as it used to be and also has difficulty designing with its competitors. Ironically, Dan laminar is the figure that made SteemIt popular, and then it came out and made an application similar to "Voice" based on EOS.

Almost all altcoin prices are influenced by Bitcoin without exception. STEEM, if the price of Bitcoin jumps, the price of STEEMIT will also surge, and vice versa.

Many experts believe that Bitcoin will rise after the Bitcoin prize mining event halves in the middle of the year. If we follow their predictions, the price of STEEM coins will also rise. However, the analysis also estimates that the price of bitcoin will not rise again because all traders have bought at the beginning of the year.

SteemIt is currently declining in popularity compared to before, of course, this also hurts the price of STEEM in the market. There are two things I think about so that SteemIt is back in popularity, namely the rise in the price of Bitcoin and refreshment of ideas or staff on SteemIt

However, STEEM coins are still worth investing in, this is because community activities still feel strong.

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