Is it worth investing in? In-depth analysis of investments in Karuschain (KRS) ICO

The use of Blockchain technology is generally widely implemented in the financial sector. Maybe this is easy to implement or indeed has better economic value.

But what if Blockchain is implemented in other sectors, for example, the distribution sector. The distribution sector is the sector most developed after finance because the blockchain is decentralized and cannot be falsified making the distribution of goods tracking more secure. Also, another benefit of the Blockchain in the distribution sector is that it can make it easier for consumers to review the existence of the goods they want or send, and for producers to reduce the operational costs of shipping and others.

Some big companies like Amazon and Wallmart are trying to blockchain systems to accelerate the distribution of their products. Yes, but investing in these two companies requires a lot of capital. Besides Amazon and Walmart, other parties also do the same thing, Karuschain.

What is Karus Chain
Karuschain is a tracking solution platform focused on the precious metals industry based in Gibraltar. This platform allows each party (consumers, producers, etc.) to track the whereabouts of precious metals.

Karuschain uses the Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain for Smart-contract implementation and data management throughout the supply chain.

Name: Karuschain
Symbol: KRS
Type: Utility
Platform: Ethereum and Hyperledger
Price: 0.1 USD per unit

By implementing Karuschain, everyone involved can find out the data of precious metals traded including the profile of precious metals such as weight, location of mines, printers, and others.

Also, the owner can find out the data of previous users or prospective new owners, of course, this varies with the approval of the data owner.

Q3 2017
In this first phase, they built the company's foundation very well and arranged, this can be seen from the arrangement of their work steps ranging from the appointment of advisors to the appointment of AML officers.

Q2 2019
In the second phase, they started the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the LAToken Launchpad. The choice of IEO over ICO may be based on compliance from the various institutions that they obey.

Q3 2019
Phase three is marked by the closing of the IEO and ends with the start of Prof Of Consp (PoC), which is a good thing and at the same time to maintains the momentum.

Q1 2020 - Q4 2020
Then, 4,5,6 and 7 hardware module production up to the release of the platform, the production process of the development of the device within one year was considered sufficient and not long-winded.

Development Team
The executive executives all have experience according to the field they are currently in, and this team also has someone who has experience in the multibillion-dollar startup business.

Critic/Reviewer response
Some critics consider that this project is a very good step and has enormous potential.
However, some also assess the quality of the whitepaper and the limitation of token sales areas can not be felt by people in some countries.

Also, only the hard cap is published, of course, this raises the question, what if the hard cap is not achieved, will the project stop?

In terms of Whitepaper, the team, and the community felt very good, and with someone with millions of dollars of business, the experience made this project very convincing.

If you want to invest in this project, then that's a very good thing. However, keep in mind also you must know where you live because the sale of these tokens is limited to the sales area.

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Is it worth investing in? In-depth analysis of investments in Karuschain (KRS) ICO Is it worth investing in? In-depth analysis of investments in Karuschain (KRS) ICO Reviewed by sheffter on December 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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