Is it worth investing? In-depth analysis of investments in CoinCasso ICO

The cryptocurrency exchange is a platform for trading or buying & selling cryptos with other cryptos. Exchange exchanges are divided into two types namely decentralized exchange and centralized exchange.

Aside from being an exchange platform, Exchange exchanges generally also serve other services such as P2P Loan. The average exchange market can generally be accessed through mobile applications, Web clients, and Desktop clients.

At present, there are not many crypto exchanges connecting their platforms with crypto ATMs. However, there is currently a crypto exchange that is conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will integrate crypto ATMs with their crypto exchanges. The exchange is called CoinCasso.

This time we will discuss CoinCasso's ICO project, in-depth analysis covering Platform, Team and Coin Utility.

What is CoinCasso
CoinCasso is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. CoinCasso is actually similar to other crypto exchanges. However, CoinCasso Token Holders (CCX) will benefit from CoinCasso, and holders can also reduce transaction costs.

CoinCasso complies with the European Union Safety Regulations, and of course, this makes users safe and secure.

Also, the CoinCasso Project is based on joint ownership, or in other words, the user can become the owner of CoinCasso and determine the direction of development.

CoinCasso flagship feature
1. Main features of CoinCasso Exchange:
  • Trading Margin
  • 9 Types of orders in trade
  • Optimized UI / UX
  • Trusted ICO / STO provider
  • Benefits and bonuses for CCX holders
  • FIAT Currency, Corporate / Personal tokens are supported
2. Finance
The CoinCasso Exchange supports the fiat currencies of PLN, USD, EURO, and GBP, so users can exchange all cryptos for fiat. However, because this project is licensed, it is likely to support other fiat currencies. Also, they will work with various other financial institutions.

3. Payment Gateway
Like the other exchanges, CoinCasso also supports API integration for various web platforms such as Wordpress. The plan will also make Plug-ins for various trading systems such as WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify, OpenCart, and others.

4. ATM Network Integration
This is a very interesting feature. Because their exchange exchanges are fully integrated with ATMs, and this allows users to exchange, pay, and withdraw cryptocurrency or fiat through ATMs.

You don't need to bother to open the Coincaso application if there is an ATM in front of you, you just have to exchange, pay or withdraw money at the same place. Practice.

Token Utility CoinCasso (CCX)
CCX is a CoinCasso Exchange token utility with the same function as a common token utility. However, token holders can participate in the development of the company, benefit from the company and other benefits.

Symbol: CCX
Type: ERC-20
Price: 5,76 USD
ICO Price: 1USD

SoftCap: 5000,000
HardCap: 100,000,000

Judging from the data of their token sellers during the period October 2018 to December 2019, it was arguably quite satisfying. However, the hard thing for them to understand is the distance from Softcap to the hard cap, even though I looked for the answer in Whipapper they still have no answer.

Development team
In Whitepaper, there are 2 core developers, Luke Ozimski as CEO and Marek Ozimski as CO-Founder. Of course, only two people make potential investors hesitate to invest.

However, on the web and Icobench, other crew members are not on a whitepaper. I hope the whitepaper & roadmap of the next stage is included so that investors become more confident about this project.

Critic / Reviewer response
Many ICO critics have criticized Whitepaper for being bad, Soft Distance to Hardcap is too far, Hardcap is too much for stock exchanges, and social / community activities are low.

But some critics also gave credit to the license and democratic system in the project.

By licensing it throughout the European Union and encouraging community involvement in the platform will attract the interest of people to join. This project has potential if they can realize their targets.

By way of ideas and ideas, this project is feasible for investment. But my advice is best to hold on until the continuation of the whitepaper & road map is released in January 2020.

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