How to donate Bitcoin to Unicef ​​Charitable Institutions

Unicef ​​is a charity to provide long-term humanitarian assistance and welfare development to children and their mothers in developing countries.
Also, Unicef ​​also invested more than $ 100,000 in several Startup companies. Of course, this indicates that they have supported blockchain and cryptocurrency.

For those of you who want to make a donation to Unicef ​​using crypto, then I will give you away. Follow the steps below.

1. Visit the Unicef ​​website here

2. There are two types of donations, namely Support & Receive Receipt and Support Anonymously.
If you choose Support & Receive Receipt, then you are required to fill in your full name and email. This is intended as an important document and you will also get notifications in the form of documents about your donations via email.

If you choose Support Anonymously, you will be given the choice to make a donation with any coin. Coins supported include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USD Coin.

3. Send a Coin that will be donated with a certain number (how much do you want to donate)

4. Congratulations on your donation.

Charity is a way to help others and is also an activity that can cool the mind and make itself cooler.

By donating your coins to Unicef, you have helped thousands of children and their mothers become better. May God repay your kindness.

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