Cryptocurrency | The best Passive income with Cryptocurrency in 2020

You can easily get a big income without doing anything and just need to have many cryptocurrencies. This method is called staking, the way it works is you have to save a certain amount of coins in a certain period.

At the moment many platforms give users a gift in the form of crypto from the type of crypto that is held and stored on a compatible platform for a certain period.

Remember that to qualify for a prize you must use the right type of wallet that supports the prize feature, even though most major wallets currently support network staking. Also, you have to save coins with a certain amount and may not transpose it within the specified time.

Here are good cryptos for getting passive income in 2020:

1. NEO
The Chinese version of Ethereum and developed by Shanghai-based Onchain, NEO is the same smart-contract and Dapps platform as Ethereum. At present, NEO is ranked 18th in terms of market capacity.

This platform uses two types of digital assets namely NEO and GAS. NEO is a token that can be exchanged, and GAS is a gift token from the NEO exchange.

You can do NEO Staking in official wallets or in Binance and KuCoin spread platforms, the advantage of NEO staking is that you don't have to keep having to keep the wallet permanently open to receive prizes. The ROI of Staking NEO ranges from 1 to 2%.

2. NavCoin
NavCoin is a branch of Bitcoin since 2014 and runs on the PoS consensus. also, this coin supports fast transactions (under 30 seconds) and supports optional privacy with dual blockchain.

To receive prizes, you must store NavCoin in a core wallet that you can install on the Rasberry Pi device. The ROI of Staking NavCoin ranges from 4 to 5%.

It is a branch of DASH Coin and focuses on privacy and is based on the Zerocoin protocol. PIVX uses the PoS consensus, thus supporting the Staking system.

To be able to activate Staking and get a prize, the wallet must be open and online. Additionally, you must have 10,000 PIVX to get prizes, and block prizes will be issued randomly every minute. If you have more coins in staking, then you have the opportunity to get it. Annual PIVX ROI is around 2-3%.

4. Qtum
It is an open-source platform blockchain that supports the development of smart-contract and is built on UTXO Bitcoin and POS Ethereum components.

The advantage of Staking Qtum is that it does not require a minimum amount of coin requirements, to get a prize you only need to store coins in the scout Qtum wallet with a complete copy of the blockchain on your computer or Virtual Private Server (VPS). also, the wallet must be online 24/7 and remain unlocked just for risk.

Keep in mind the ROI of staking is generally calculated annually, but some give a block of prizes with a short period.

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