Crypto-Based Wallet Blockchain "Vault" Coming Soon

Historically, most people have entrusted the security of their crypto assets to other people/agencies, this is based on the fact that people/institutions have better security resources. However, this is also risky because they are also vulnerable to errors such as human error or their security system which was burglarized.

The crypto mining company, Hydro, presents their new product named, VAULT, a cryptocurrency storage application. The advantage of this application is that you own the security of your own assets.

Vault is created as the safest and most secure storage of digital assets. Vault is built on Blockchain protected with various security systems such as 2fa and others

Besides, the Vault configuration can be adjusted, which means users can adjust the level of security according to user needs.

Hydro Claims VAULT is a non-containment wallet and is easy to use and has better functionality than a regular crypto wallet. This wallet is equipped with historical and realtime information features that allow users to track the user's investment history and other features.

For the initial version, Vault will focus on Hydro products such as Hydro Pay and will support ERC-20, Bitcoin and other Crypto. Besides, VAULT will also be integrated with other blockchain products.

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