Blockchain | CoinMarketCap will use new metrics

CoinMarcetCap is rumored to be introducing a new metric that can provide real trading activity data from most cryptocurrency platforms.

The new metric to be released is named Liquidity, this tool aims to counteract the volume of counterfeit trade in the cryptocurrency industry. Liquidity will serve as a default criterion for ranking cryptocurrency and exchange exchanges.
Besides determining the ranking, this tool will also help users to determine the most liquid crypto market.

Currently, there are more than five thousand cryptocurrencies registered on coinmarcetcap, the possibility of the number of coins registered makes the company's transparency a bit fade and the company is aware of this. Therefore, according to what was published in CCN, "liquidity considers changes in the depth of the book-order and the distance from the intermediate price."
The Head of Strategy at CoinMarketCap said:

"We believe our adaptive methodology will make our metrics very difficult for the 'game' because orders must be placed close to intermediate prices, or risk counterproductive to the valuation of Liquidity metrics."

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