Bitcoin Haven, The Six Best Countries for Bitcoin and Altcoin

The presence of cryptocurrency is still a controversy in various countries in the world, cryptocurrency policy decisions in various worlds make cryptocurrency not always accepted. Meanwhile, as cryptocurrency users in the world grow rapidly, this makes the regulator (the government) choose to legalize it to avoid it and follow the countries that legalize Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency:

1. United States/ America
Positioned as a sign of America, more people report that almost all users of cryptocurrency in America do not pay taxes from their activities. just last year the US government had asked companies involved in the cryptocurrency business to be approved and they also issued policies on how cryptocurrency users in the United States were citizens who were willing to buy.

2. Japan
Japan is called HEAVEN for Bitcoin and altcoin because the government has legalized cryptocurrency as a legal payment tool. This endorsement is marked by the number of retailers who accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment and is even used by most companies to pay their companies.

Japan also plans to create its own version of cryptocurrency pioneered by local Japanese banks.

3. South Korea
In 2017 South Korea revised the regulations for digital currencies and will regulate them in a few months, the Three Laws will be drafted and revised by lawmakers in the country. The focus is on the legality of Bitcoin and Ethereum and was soon adopted by The Korean Herald.

The reason for this law was created to protect cryptocurrency users, business people and investors in the K-Pop Country, to avoid the risks and explosion of cryptocurrency in the world.

4. Finland
Finland provides tax freedom for the purchase of Bitcoin, this country also facilitates the purchase, transfer, and top up of Bitcoin through an ATM. This is done to meet the needs of the community for the needs of Bitcoin.

Finland is the country with the highest bitcoin in the world, this data is taken via ATM radar.

5. Denmark
Denmark, including developed countries, will develop technology and countries to campaign for spending money, this is what makes cryptocurrency like Bitcoin legal exist.

Stay open with cryptocurrency, but Denmark hasn't fully legalized Cryptocurrency. This is related to the financial authorities in Indonesia have not recognized the official currency, but bitcoin can still be a transaction tool in Denmark.

6. Russia
The Russian government officially legalized the use of cryptocurrency and was accepted as a currency in November 2016, given the increasingly large cryptocurrency technology and increasingly widespread use in the community. This endorsement has also made the price of Bitcoin rise significantly.

Russia also plans to make their version of cryptocurrency, with a population of nearly 200 million Russians are confident that they can become the ruling countries of the crypto market and can be compared with China and America.

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