Apple, Facebook, Google & other giant technology jumped into Blockchain technology

There is no doubt that Blockchain technology is the most exciting and rapidly developing technology. Some government agencies began to make regulations, as well as organizations and began research. Also, several large companies have begun to study the blockchain to apply to their products. Of course, this news makes the future of the blockchain very bright and opportunities for opening new jobs are very likely to occur.

Facebook is starting research on developing its own blockchain called Libra and will be released early next year. Of course, Facebook is not alone several other companies are similar, and here are ten companies that are embedded in Blockchain Technology.

1. Microsoft
Microsoft now looks at the blockchain more openly and has released and developed its blockchain service called Azure Blockchain. Launched in early 2019, it is a platform that allows users to develop and operate blockchain services at their own scale.

2. Facebook Inc
The Libra project has made headlines in technology news in recent months. The Libra project has caused a lot of controversies because it is predicted to be able to monopolize the world's finances, not to mention the case of Facebook user privacy security that occurred in 2016.

Libra Coin will be integrated into the platform under the auspices of Facebook such as messenger, Instagram, retail partners and also their partnership platform. This coin can be used to buy products on platforms and retails that have formed partnerships and this coin can also send and receive money.

This project is under the auspices of the Libra Association consisting of PayU, Farfetch, Lyft, Spotify, Uber, Iliad SA, Vodafone, Coinbase, Anchorage, and others. Visa and Paypal previously joined in this association, and later they announced their withdrawal from the project.

3. Alphabet Inc
Alphabet partnered with Digital Asset to develop a platform blockchain on its Google Cloud. Google Cloud will support Blockchain Hyperledger, Ethereum, and others.

Some Google Cloud clients include Dominos Pizza, SoundCloud, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, HSBC, and eBay. also developed their blockchain on Google Cloud.

4. Apple
Apple does not make any statements related to cryptocurrency and blockchain, they are more likely to avoid observer sentences "such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. But in 2019, they filed with the SEC filing their interest in the blockchain and also filing new patents" which certify timestamps using blockchain technology "to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TMSC) has developed chipsets used in most crypto mining devices, such as Bitmain mining equipment

TMSC is a chipset manufacturer specifically designed for crypto mining activities. Also, Samsung, Nvidia, and AMD are rumored to be producing this special chipset.

In addition to the above companies, companies such as Amazon Inc., Alibaba, Tencent, Samsung, Intel, IBM, and other technology giants are also developing their own Blockchain Technology.

I think blockchain will have very good future prospects and can become a central technology and in the next few years.

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