Blockchain | Explanation of the Nodes Function in Cryptocurrency

For those of you who are familiar with the world of cryptocurrency may be familiar with the term Node, but may not know what it is for. A node is a network where messages can be created, received, or transmitted on connected devices. Nodes generally provide different functions such as validation as retribution or a communication endpoint.

Cryptocurrency node
The Blockchain network is designed as a distributed system - the computer node network is what makes cryptocurrency like bitcoin can be used as a decentralized digital currency.

The Blockchain node is responsible as a communication point that can perform a variety of different functions. Devices connected to the "original wallet" crypto interface can be considered part of the node. Blockchain nodes generally transmit information about transactions and blocks. However, each node is determined according to its function, so there are several different types of "Bitcoin" crypto nodes.

Full Nodes
It is a node that provides support and security for cryptocurrency and is very important for the network. This type of node can also be called a validation node, this is because they can verify transactions and blocks.

Generally, a full node will copy all data from the blockchain network, but not necessarily a full node. Each crypto's original wallet currently generally supports nodes, and to run nodes requires a different disk space (depending on the number of copies) and a high-speed internet connection and the device must be active all day or at least 6 hours per day.

Miner's Nodes
For example: To be able to mine bitcoin requires sophisticated hardware at a large cost. The miners can choose to work alone (solo miners) or group (pool miners).

The full solo miner node will use their own copy of the blockchain, while the miner's pool will contribute their hash power to the miner pool. the pool miner only needs an Administrator to run the full node.

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