Blockchain | Benefits of Blockchain for the government

At first Blockchain technology was only used for cryptocurrency. However, currently, the blockchain is starting to be widely used for various sectors, such as the government sector where the blockchain system has the potential to change the public sector.
Technology has several benefits that governments can use for public services and other services:
Blockchain database can be used to store and maintain government history safely without being able to be manipulated and eliminated. Compared to the current storage model, most government data is stored in a centralized database that can be controlled by certain authorities and is vulnerable to hijacking and easily manipulated. In this case, Blockchain is very suitable for countries that want transparent governments. 

Several countries in Europe are researching the potential of the blockchain that will be used to reduce the occurrence of property disputes. This model can be accessed and checked by the government and the public and each party can keep a copy of official documents and claims securely.
Blockchain can also keep a record of law enforcement, making it possible to prevent and disclose acts of corruption, arbitrary acts of officials and other crimes 
Decentralization and data integrity
Blockchain can be built for various needs, but blockchain still provides decentralized features, this is because the blockchain is managed by a series of connected computer nodes to verify and validate data.
The blockchain system cannot be tampered with and the blockchain framework can be customized to ensure that information is only accessible, and in some cases can be changed by the authorities. every agency in the government can be a validator and verification, this can reduce the practice of fraud.
Also, non-governmental organizations such as universities and other community organizations can be included in the validation node, to increase the level of decentralization.
Increased Efficiency
Blockchain can potentially reduce costs by maximizing the performance efficiency of national institutions. Because the government depends on state taxes, the government needs to use these funds wisely. Smart-contract in the blockchain can be used for efficiency and optimization of government work, to reduce the time, energy, and money used.

Also, this technology can increase the level of satisfaction and public trust in government performance. Efficiency can make the government invest in other sectors in the public interest,
Also, this efficiency can reduce and pay off foreign debt more efficiently and quickly.
Although the blockchain can be used to increase government productivity and integrity, this technology also has limitations in its use in various sectors, such as the public sector. Because every country has a different way of working, maybe the "blockchain" the technology used will also be different.
This article was created as a part to introduce the benefits of blockchain technology to the wider community, the authors hope that in the future this technology can be useful for better than now.

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