Blockchain | Brave Browser is the most downloaded application

The web browser application that focuses on privacy, Brave, is the most downloaded browser application for the android version in Japan. according to a post on Reddit, Brave occupies first place in a large country. Brave is popular among crypto fans.

Android phone users have downloaded the Brave browser on their smartphones. Meanwhile, its competitors such as Opera and Firefox have decreased their position from time to time, the main feature of Brave which is eliminating advertisements and privacy makes this application more respected in the world.

Japan is one of the countries that have a major role in the adoption of crypto, regulation, and awareness of digital currencies. In addition, YEN which is a playing currency in Japan is one of the most widely traded currencies with Bitcoin (BTC) after the US. This fact is proof that Japanese residents are aware of cryptocurrency, how they work and its benefits as a society.

This good news of course dam has a good effect on Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is the default crypto in Brave. Brave currently allows users to get prizes from the content they watch. The content on Brave is provided by companies that have been approved by Brave and have provided relevant information to users.

In the future, it is likely that BAT users worldwide will help the entire Brave ecosystem develop.

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