Airdrop | Binance launches Airdrop Token JEX Coin

The Binance cryptocurrency exchanger reportedly will launch the airdrop token program as part of the acquisition of the trading platform company, JEX.

This announcement was released on September 5, Binance acquired JEX, and will change its name to Binance JEX as an independent team from the company's ecosystem. In addition, Binance will also change JEX tokens that were originally Ethereum based on Binance Chain based tokens.

Binance is also rumored to be distributing 200 million unlocked JEX tokens to all BNB holders at

"Starting from September 6, 2019, Binance JEX will conduct monthly airdrops for JEX tokens to BNB holders equivalent to 30% of the profits generated by Binance JEX each month. [...] Binance will record the lowest BNB balance of all users every day between 2019/09/06 0:00 (UTC) to 2019/10/06 06:00 (UTC) and calculate the total BNB containment ratio for each user at the end of the detention period total."

So if you want to participate in Airdrop Binance, then you must open an account at and have a Binance Token (BNB) token on that account.

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