Cryptocurrency | 5 online stores that support Bitcoin payments

Although underestimated, in fact, many retailers are trying to integrate payment options for cryptocurrency.

Currently, some retailers have opened payment options with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Besides retailers, other services such as VPN, rental, and other services can be paid using Bitcoin, along with some popular online stores that accept Bitcoin as their payment tool.

1. Microsoft
Microsoft is the technology giant that made the Windows operating system, in 2014 Microsoft opened a bitcoin payment option for some of their products. Products such as Windows 10 licenses, games, movies and applications at Xbox stores and Windows stores.

2. Newegg
Newegg is one of the largest electronic retail companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method, Newegg works with BitPay to process its official payment.

You can pay and use services from Newegg except to place orders, Newegg gift cards, market items, subscription orders, and major membership. The most popular Pilihat for Bitcoin users on Newegg is the purchase of computer hardware and cryptocurrency mining tools.

3. Overstock
It is an online store that accepts Bitcoin as a payment tool since 2014. Users can buy electronic items such as TVs, laptops, computers and home products.

As a Bitcoin, Overstock also accepts Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Bitcoin Cash in its payment options.

4. Reeds Jewelers
Reeds Jewelers is a US-based jewelry store and has branches in 13 countries. In this shop, you can buy jewelry from watches to diamonds, and pay for it using Bitcoin. However, not all Reeds Jewelers branches accept Bitcoin payments, but you will get free shipping services through armored transportation for every purchase above $ 25,000.

5. PizzaForCoins
You can buy Pizza at PizzaForCoins using cryptocurrency, this company has a payment option with 50 types of cryptocurrency. PizzaForCoins is only an intermediary, so you can buy pizza at the nearest pizza shop from your location. Keep in mind that a small fee for this service is included in the final payment amount.

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