Cryptocurrency | 5 of the best Bitcoin Segwit Wallet in 2019

Segregated Witness or Segwit is one bitcoin fork, this soft fork is compatible with the previous network. The purpose of applying Segwit is to overcome the slowing down of transactions. Segwit also gives its users an instant reduction in costs of up to 80%. In addition, in addition, Segwit and Core can transact smoothly with each other, unlike other forks.

Not all crypto wallets are compatible with the Segwit program, but you can transfer your Bitcoin to a wallet that supports Segwit like sending Bitcoin on a regular basis. Here is the best Segwit wallet that you can use.

1. SegWit Paper Wallet
SegWit Paper is a paper-shaped segwit wallet. To get it, you just have to visit the SegWit Paper webpage, then do a generate new segwit address. Later in the paper, there is a QR Code, Private Key, and Publick Key that you can print.

SegWit Paper can be the safest wallet because it is not connected to the internet and has no digital images. Even so, you still have to keep it well so it doesn't disappear.

It is a wallet in the form of hardware that allows you to store all cryptos with Private Key safely?

The Segwit address is activated for Ledger devices in 2017. This wallet can be the safest alternative besides Segwit Pepper.

3. Wallet Trezor
Trevor has similarities with Ledger Nano S, which are both hardware wallets. A hardware wallet was other than Ledger that implements SegWit on its device.

Wallet on this device will be encrypted using AES-256. It also has a login pin that allows the user to set a 5-8 digit pin to access functions on the wallet. The other advantage is that the address that has been used will always be changed every time you do a transaction and will not divulge your metadata or transactions.

4. GreenAddress Wallet
This wallet is an open-source project that allows you to send and receive, and also store Bitcoins on the devices they are installed on. The Segwit interface in this application is easy to understand.

The purpose of making this Wallet is to simplify and provide good security to users. The device implements two-factor protection and authentication against malware.

5. Electrum Wallet
Electrum was released in 2011 and is the lightest bitcoin wallet. This wallet is made using Python programming language and has a shortcode that is easy to see.

This application is protected using a password, other than that you do not need to download all Bitcoin transaction data that has occurred. Transactions in this application are signed directly to the device and no data is sent without your notice. This is what makes the Electrum Wallet become very trusted for Bitcoin users.

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