Cryptocurrency | Petro coin will be accepted at the largest bank in Venezuela

On the tenth anniversary celebration of the Venezuelan national bank. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered Banco de Venezuela which is the largest bank in Venezuela to receive Pero coins in all of its agencies.

"I gave an explicit order to open a Petro transaction table in all Banco de Venezuela institutions."

This step seems to be part of increasing cryptocurrency adoption throughout Venezuela. President Nicolas Maduro also revealed that he would allocate crypto wallets to one million young people, the government would also provide educational assistance about crypto.

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The crypto community in Venezuela is positive for this. José Angel Alvarez, president of the National Cryptocurrency Association (ASONACRIP), the infrastructure of the Banco de Venezuela has what is needed to advance Perto coin adoption to all countries.

"This is a courageous and appropriate decision to move towards a hybrid economy where the fiduciary currency of a country competes directly with cryptocurrency.

We must also note that the Banco de Venezuela is the most important bank in the Venezuelan financial system and has the most significant number of clients. With this decision, this bank will become one of the exchanges with more physical offices in the world. "

News of this presidential decision made Petro (PTR) prices against Bitcoin (BTC) up 25%. In a matter of hours, the original PTR was valued at 0.004 soaring to 0.005.

"At Amberes [local crypto exchange], I bought Petros for 10 dollars," Alvarez said. "Today you cannot buy tokens for less than 55 dollars."

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