Cryptocurrency | List of 5 Most Bitcoin Holders Countries

There are many questions and speculations about the ownership of Bitcoin at most. Some people speculate that the majority of Bitcoin owners are owned by large exchange or crypto mining exchanges to influence the market for personal gain.

Big investors in the crypto world are referred to as, popes, usual institutions such as Hedge Funds and Investment Funds which often cause "waves" in the market for small investors.

Here are the countries that have the most Bitcoin in the world:

1. United States of America
America can also be called the center of some of the biggest crypto activities, has many large crypto exchanges, trade platforms, funds, crypto mining facilities, and blockchain-oriented projects. Because of this, most people assume that this country has the highest number of Bitcoin in the world.

2. China
Although the Chinese government is incessant in the crypto crackdown. even so, the country still has a big record in crypto trade, the leading crypto player in this country has the largest Bitcoin trading volume.

The country also has many large blockchain projects and has a large number of active crypto miners, although many miners stop because of law and other reasons.

3. Japan
Japan is known to be very friendly towards cryptocurrency, this is because Japan has recognized cryptocurrency as a legitimate payment instrument. This makes the crypto exchange market there has a high transaction volume and many outside investors keep crypto there for investment.

This country also has the most effective regulation on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Cipto exchanges that want to open services in Japan must have a license and complete the documents required by the financial services agency (FSA). This regulation is implemented in 2017.

At present, there are many crypto exchanges waiting for approval from (FSA) to open services there. Japan is also a country with the largest Bitcoin transaction volume after the U.S.

4. South Korea
After China banned Crypto, many of the crypto exchanges diverted their trade services to South Korea.

With the people's skills and passion for technology, the country is hosting a large number of exchanges and large investors to service the interests of the public which has increased greatly in crypto. Bitcoin is the most widely traded crypto in the country.

Although the South Korean government does not take clear action regarding the cryptocurrency market, there are many companies that grow and offer new services to the cryptocurrency industry. According to CoinHills, South Korea accounts for 10% of all BTC traded in the world.

5. Switzerland
Switzerland is known as a home of large organizations in the world and many leading financial institutions in the world, but now the country has a goal to host cryptocurrency and blockchain. The banks there began to open the door to open payment services and fund blockchain projects.

The Swiss government also implements friendly regulations for institutions and crypto investors. The city of Zug experienced exponential growth in the number of companies related to the crypto market.

Because the regulator has an open mind about digital assets and how these assets are used, this is what makes the Swiss Exchange Exchange (SIX Switzerland) decide to trade products related to Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and also XRP.

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