Cryptocurrency | Cryptocurrency tokens supported by Marijuana

According to a press release published on July 25, announced Greek Billionaire and television director Alki David and his Swiss consortium launched SWX Coins supported by marijuana.

The consortium also launched the Swissx Bank of Cannabis to operate the SWX token. Exchange exchanges will be based in Gstaad, Switzerland, and with Caribbean headquarters soon to be named. This token is based on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain, and each unit of the token will be pegged to the global median price of premium marijuana.

SWX was designed to be a transparent token for all transactions, and Swissx also claimed that Prime Minister St. Kitts-Nevis Denzil Douglas has joined the bank council.

The company received support from Wissx Cherry Wine and Donald Trump's funding worth $ 750 Million and $ 250 Million. SWX will be used to pay farmers and can be exchanged for cash.

according to information circulating, cryptocurrency and blockchain are widely used in the marijuana law industry.

On the other hand, the managing director and CEO of NDIC, Umaru Ibrahim, said that relying on cryptocurrency is very risky because they cannot be regulated. NDIC is a provider of security networks for savers and aims to protect the banking system from bank instability and loss of trust.

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