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The price of bitcoin which originally 4000 USD became 13,000 USD in two, this made the bitcoin and crypto fans happy and smiling. Crypto analysts have made bitcoin price predictions and show the price of bitcoin (BTC) can increase in price to 30,000 USD.

Even though it looks unrealistic, but the trend of increasing the price of bitcoin can make this analysis, not wishful thinking. The stable nature of BTC, even in the face of poor financial conditions that made other cryptocurrencies tumble seems to attract more investors.

This bitcoin price prediction appears when studying patterns that have occurred before. With the event of halving in 2020, analysts believe the event will push the price of bitcoin up to $ 100,000.

Crypto analysts believe that fiscal policies used by developed countries can help bitcoin to reach the impossible for critics.

Morgan Creek, in an interview with Bloxlive TV, hinted that the price of bitcoin could reach the level of $ 100,000 previously predicted. Although more fantastic than usual, the founder of Morgan Creek-based his assumptions on bitcoin is more valuable than gold.

With so many cryptocurrency adoptions and a surge in investment by various institutions, bitcoin price predictions may not be a strange thing. The founder of Morga.n Creek believes the price of gold will drop because many people are turning to crypto in the near future.

Some crypto analysts believe that some countries will definitely help increase dependence on cryptocurrency. This happened because of the application of the value of FIAT policies.

Looking at past records, the price of bitcoin reaches 20,000 USD. If this trend is trusted and supported, then the price of bitcoin will increase to a higher point and may create a new history.

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  1. I have serious doubts about such a high forecast, but I would like to see Bitcoin for $ 20,000 next year. I try not to pay attention to loud statements in the press about the future of cryptocurrency and just make money on the exchange - The cryptocurrency market doesn't look like a stock and is more stable. Now I use a heightened interest in bitcoin to make profitable deals.


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