Cryptocurrency | Can traditional ATM support Cryptocurrency?

According to CoinATMRadar, there are 5000 more cryptocurrency ATMs that are spread throughout the world. Although many, many people ask whether traditional ATMs will or can support cryptocurrency.

Crypto users in the world can already use bitcoin ATMs to exchange, move, other transactions. Although many regions do not have or are prohibited from using bitcoin ATMs.

According to Reddit users named RickDawkins, in the future, there may be software that allows cryptocurrency to operate on traditional ATMs.

The Redditor explained commenting:

"I operate several dozen ordinary ATM kiosks. There is software that can Bitcoin come to them soon, so someday 3 million traditional ATMs will double as Bitcoin ATMs. There are no other known details. It took several years to get all updates, I'm sure. This industry is slow, and they always delay deadlines. "

Robcoin is one of the crypto ATM manufacturers. ATM kiosk operators need to enter software into the current machine and transactions will be managed and identified automatically by the wallet system.

This will allow a large number of users to have access to Bitcoin through ATM machines installed in many important points throughout the world.

According to CoinATMRadar, 74% of crypto ATMs are in North America, 22% in Europe, 2.1% in Asia, and South America 1.1%.

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