Cryptocurrency | Benefits of Gitian Building and its functions

Gitian Building is made up of Bitcoin contributors with the nickname "Dev Random" and the developer of bitcoin core makes Gitian. For those who don't know, Gitian Building is an open-source software used to compile code into a binary. in the case of Bitcoin, it is used to make Bitcoin Core a file that is directly executed.

Gitian can be used for certain purposes, Gitian virtual space will compile code into binary. This method can ensure that the file is actually built on the same source code.

Bitcoin is open-source, so the source code can be seen and read by anyone and can be checked whether the code is running properly. Therefore, the Bitcoin security feature is very important. When the Bitcoin source code is used as executables, it must be able to reflect correctly based on the source code as it should. And users must believe that the executables are from the same source code

Because the main benefit of Gedung Gitian is minimizing errors when building code. So that it can minimize the existence of bugs so that they can be used more by developers. This might also be used on Tor, Debian, Mozilla, and other projects.

Why Bitcoin Core Needs Gitian Building
As mentioned above, the compilation process using Gitian Building can minimize the risk of failure. The bitcoin core developer is tasked with compiling the bitcoin core code into binary, so developers also have to install C ++ code and install C ++ compilers on the same computer. After being converted into binary, then the developer distributes the binary to organizations that want it like

Because anyone can read the C ++ language and can verify the bitcoin code, the distributed binaries must come from the same source. It would be a problem if a malicious developer enters malware into a binary that is similar to a bitcoin core, this could potentially lead to bitcoin theft.

This problem must be fully realized quickly. Bitcoin code source is a fully open-source and no one can read binary, so this is where Gitian Building is needed. Gitian Building can choose or check whether the developer is acting honestly.

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