Cryptocurrency | 3 Predictions of future Bitcoin prices from expert crypto analysts

Bitcoin reached its highest price of 20,000 in November 2017, on that basis, many people speculate that similar growth will happen again. While some said that Bitcoin's growth would not be as fast as before, some investors and analysts expect the price of Bitcoin to rise this year.

1. Kay Van-Petersen: BTC Will Become $ 100,000
an analyst at Saxo Bank, Kay Van-Petersen, believes that Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000, and crypto can support it.

Van-Petersen has also estimated the price of bitcoin several times as in 2016 where he estimated that BTC Prices would be at $ 2000.

"First of all, you can argue that we made a correct correction in Bitcoin, it has pulled back 50 percent at one point. But we still haven't seen the full effect of the futures contract, "said Van-Petersen.

Van-Petersen believes that there will be more instincts involved with time. It should also be noted that Van-Petersen has previously stated that the $ 100,000 threshold could take up to ten years to reach it.

2. Jeet Sighn - BTC will reach at least $ 50,000
Jeet Singh, a cryptocurrency portfolio manager who has been active in the past six years, claims that it is very common for cryptocurrency to oscillate between 70 and 80 percent of their initial record price.

Singh said that "bitcoin can definitely see $ 50,000 even though we might go through a period of suffering volatility.

When he spoke at the World Economic Forum at Davos, he compared Bitcoin and Ripple with technology giants like Microsoft

"If you see Microsoft or Apple, when they go public, their shares are very volatile because the market is not mature," he said.

3. Arthur Hayes - BTC will reach $ 50,000
BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes stated that he believed the price of Bitcoin would reach $ 50,000.

Hayes also cited that the reason for establishing a BitMex base in Hong Kong was because he thought Asian markets were more receptive when it came to cryptocurrency trading.

"Asia dominates the cryptos because they are very accustomed to trading digital assets. South Korea has been trading digital goods related to games for two decades. When you move to the pure money-based digital currency, they understand it culturally, so they rise quickly, "said CEO of BitMEX.

When in an interview he was asked to give a price estimate of Bitcoin, Hayes said it had a potential of $ 50,000 before the end of the year.

Regarding the seriousness of his predictions, Hayes commented that: "It is my job to make predictions. Whether it's right or wrong, it doesn't matter to me. "

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