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Currently, there are many blockchain project projects that are working and ambitious throughout the world, blockchain is currently seen as not just technology, but a new industry that is growing rapidly.

The blockchain industry has a bitter story and great success, starting with small ideas that continue to grow and produce results, and companies that have shown a success.

If you want to create a blockchain company, but don't have any other ideas and resources and don't know where to start. Here are some good developer and consultant companies for blockchain projects to realize your dreams.

1. ConsenSys
ConsenSys was founded by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, who has good track partners from successful blockchain projects.

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They only work on the Ethereum platform, although they are limited their projects cover finance, commodity trading, banking, and so on.

ConsenSys tends to only work on large projects, if your project does not have the support to dominate the industry then ConsenSys will not work on your project.

2. IBM Distributed Ledger
IBM was the biggest company since 1915, they worked on various projects including the Blockchain project. IBM often works on point-of-sale projects that can change the industry, if your project has the same vision as them, then using IBM services is a smart move.

projects that IBM does usually require a large amount of money, if your funds are limited then you should be able to look elsewhere.

3. R3
R3 has worked on many projects from 300 companies all of which are done on their own platforms. DApps on Corda works in the health, economic, political and many more care industries.

Because the company that supports it, R3 tends to focus on finance. Many experts in the blockchain industry believe that R3 has good durability.

R3 is very selective in working on blockchain projects, so it's unlikely that they will work on their project.

4. Blockchainriven
A blockchain consultant and developer, their track record in developing their services is very impressive.

BlockchainDriven does not limit the projects they will take and do not have a specific focus, allowing them to be flexible with their clients.

Blockchainriven only works on projects that they perceive as potential and this impacts on their good track record and their success rate are very high.

As a team, they will decide which projects are considered good. if you have a blockchain project whether big or small, then they have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.

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