Cryptocurrency | TON Telegram ICO Will Be Sold To The Public Soon

ICO sales of Gram tokens to the public will begin soon, crypto made by the Telegram company will be released to the public after a private ICO for accredited investors has been carried out for almost a year.

The sale of Gram tokens will be limited to the Crypto Liquid exchange on July 10, 2019, and can be purchased with US Dollars and Stablecoin USDC, while full sales will be made in October. The price of tokens and limit for purchases have not been announced to the public.

In February and March last year Telegram held two ICO sessions to fund the Open Telegram Network (TON) project and managed to raise $ 1.7 billion in dollars. in that year there was news that the ICO Gram would not be released to the public, but now ICO gram was released to the public by Gram Asia as the largest Gram token holding organization.

Liquid describes the company as a trusted Telegram partner.
"We share a vision for a safer and more open money transfer system to enable cryptocurrency adoption," said Mike Kayamori, CEO of Liquid.

He added:
"Blockchain's TON infrastructure can help improve Telegram's current capabilities as a peer to peer network, by launching their cryptocurrency wallet for a very broad Telegram user base."

The money from the ICO seller will be used for the development of the Open Telegram Network (TON), a blockchain project to service digital communications with a variety of interesting features that can support and increase user convenience.

Gram's sales page on the Liquid website states: "TON brings speed and scalability to multi-blockchain architectures."

Gram tokens can be purchased by investors from various countries in the world except for the US and Japan because they are considered securities in their region.

Please note, Gram Tokens sold in ICO this time cannot be traded in the near future.
"The token sold will not be released until the main net TON is released, according to the delivery schedule. The buyer will not be able to transfer, withdraw or trade Gram before they are released. "

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