Cryptocurrency | New "USDQ" stablecoin from PLATINUM ENGINEERING

USDQ is a new decentralized coin, which uses algorithms that will support and secure well. These coins are allowed to be connected and monitored by high-speed AI robots that will be approved and maintained by the ecosystem from dangerous attacks. This Stablecoin is pegged to Fiat currency and developed by PLATINUM ENGINEERING, to find innovative solutions in collateralization and to make stablecoain have high reinforcement. Use of anonymous USDQ sponsored.

PLATINUM ENGINEERING is provided openly for development and others, this is done so that stakeholders learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency. ENGINEERING PLATINUM has helped more than 150 crypto projects to grow and build in the blockchain business that will be developed in the future.

To find out more about their mission vision, you can join an official community group on Telegram, Facebook or LinkedIn. You will learn how to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the blockchain on their blog.

You can buy USDQ on the exchange, and now the USDQ developer is holding an airdrop and bounty hunter program, you can only be asked to do simple tasks. If you are interested in joining this program or want a free USDQ token, you can follow the steps below.

2. Complete Social assignments + create blog content and videos on youtube
3. Wait until the review process is complete and you will get a USDQ Token.
4. You can also get more USDQ by using the referral link

My opinion
I think this project is very interesting because they try to overcome the shortcomings and provide features or features that are different from the other sablecoin that already exists. For me, this will be interesting because the competition between the points will be even tighter because each stabecoin has its own advantages, and for me, USDQ may outperform those who add to the advantages I have mentioned above.

If you want to know more about USDQ you can visit their official sites, blogs, and community groups.

Official Site:                    USDQ Platinum
Medium Community:   platinum funds
Reddit:                             QDAO Platinum
Telegram Community:  Telegram Group
Kokoa Talk Group:         Kakao Chat Group

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Cryptocurrency | New "USDQ" stablecoin from PLATINUM ENGINEERING Cryptocurrency | New "USDQ" stablecoin from PLATINUM ENGINEERING Reviewed by Lisra on June 04, 2019 Rating: 5

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