Cryptocurrency | In the future Bitcoin can enter Facebook

The CEO of Facebook challenged himself by giving a surprise in the tone of optimism, Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Facebook represented an interest in cryptocurrency by studying crypto. Although it raises the pros and cons.

"The trend of the pros and cons of this (cryptocurrency) power from a centralized system and putting it back into the hands of many people," said Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg said that he was interested in learning more deeply. "I am interested in learning more deeply and learning about the positive and negative aspects of this technology, and that is the best way to use it in our services,"

Cryptocurrency is one of the references to using Blockchain technology, which allows information to be distributed to various connected devices and does not require a centralized database.

Zuckerberg believes that big challenges are important in facing technology companies versus decentralization. "Every year I take personal challenges to learn something new," he said.

He remembered how he was in 2009 when Facebook began to make a profit, and Zuckerberg used it from every day as a reminder.

Many technologists have suggested that blockchain technology can have a revolutionary impact far beyond its use in cryptocurrency. Blockchain can be used to store various information but cannot be controlled by the company, so that in theory it can be free from its influence.

Source: cointelegaph

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