Cryptocurrency | Globalcoin has support from Visa, Mastercard & Uber

The cryptocurrency community is looking forward to Facebook's cryptocurrency to be something that can help increase mass adoption. Projects that are assisted by Visa, Mastercard, Uber, and PayPal, this can finally become a reality.

The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook has signed many companies to support cryptocurrencies that are being developed in recent months. each supporting company will invest around 10 million USD into the project as part of a consortium that regulates cryptocurrency., Stripe, and MercadoLibre are reported to be part of this project but have not yet been determined they will play the role. In December, Facebook revealed that this is a GlobalCoin project.

A Facebook stablecoin is one that operates on message platforms such as Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, besides that this Cryptocurrency will be used to transfer money directly from Facebook to retailers without intermediaries.

Facebook has taken the key steps to cryptocurrency because they haven't really given anything. GlobalCoin's use is still a question but the BBC has suggested Facebook look at retailers to allow users to buy goods and get discounts from Stablecoin.

Although this method will increase retailers' profits, then what does it mean for credit card companies? Will it go bankrupt or have other adverse effects? It is unlikely that financial service giants such as PayPal, Visa and others will close the office but it might also happen.

Globalcoin is a very interesting new Facebook business, Globalcoin is expected to be officially launched on June 18.

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