Cryptocurrency | Crypto Exchange Coincheck was hacked

One of the Coincheck employee computers is suspected to have been infected by a computer virus related to a group of hackers from Russia.

The Japanese Cointelegraph quoted a report from Japanese media agency Asahi Shimbun, which claimed that new research had cast doubt on the previous assumption that high-profile hacking had been carried out by attackers with North Korean connections.

The Japanese Cointelegraph said, experts now consider the possibility that the crime was committed by unknown groups.

"Mokes" and "Netwire" viruses according to the Asahi Shimbun have been identified and investigated into employees' personal computers, the virus may have been disseminated via email that installs viruses to gain unauthorized access to the private key exchange.

An American expert told media agencies:

"From the analysis of viruses, Eastern Europe and Russia may be related to the criminal base of the base server."

Both of these viruses allow hackers to take control of infected PCs and operate them remotely. Morks was first promoted at the Russian forum in June 2011, while Netwire was known to have existed 12 years ago by cybersecurity investigators.

Source: cointelegaph

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