Cryptocurrency | Cardano Shelley Testnet is officially launched

The Cardano Foundation, through its official statement, launched Testnet Shelley, a project awaited by Cardano's project developers and the Cardano Foundation said that Shelley test net can be accessed via the web on June 21.

The Cardano (ADA) project is headed by the Hong Kong Input-Output Company (IOHK), IOHK was founded by Charles Hoskinson who was one of the founders of Ethereum. So far Cardano is considered the most popular cryptocurrency project in recent years.

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Cardano also released a new Road Map and in the Road Map explained about the transaction between Byron and Shelley. The Cardano Shelley test net can be used by users and developers to raise funds and conduct research.

Testnet Shelley can also be used to make stake pools based on Cardano and help projects develop into the blockchain that can be managed by everyone.

Testnet stake pools are planned to be launched in three phases. The first phase will allow users to host the Rust node independently and set the basic configuration of the stake pools, while the second phase will allow sharing of node connections to be a single integrated test net, and the third phase can be used as a delegation and incentive scheme

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This announcement is very important for Cardano to remain competitive in the cryptocurrency market, and the launch of Shelley is one of the best improvements to cryptocurrency.

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