Cryptocurrency | 6 Cryptocurrency Often Used in Ransomware Attack

Computer and internet systems have changed the way humans interact, work, and interact with others. Information Technology Information has now spread across various sectors and affected human life.

Not only has a positive impact on Internet and Computer Technology also has a negative impact or better known as cybercrime, many various ways of cybercrime, one of which is data theft that uses a variety of certain specific programs.

The ransomware virus is the most feared virus program at the moment, this virus will lock or host the victim file and to open the locked file, the victim must send some money in the form of cryptocurrency.

Cybercriminals usually use bitcoin cryptocurrency to eliminate their tracks, but often times the perpetrators of these crimes use another cryptocurrency that has better features than Bitcoin to make it difficult for Legal authorities to track stolen money from cybercriminals.

Here is some cryptocurrency that is used to attack ransomware attacks and cyber attacks:

1. Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is decentralized and very popular on the dark internet (dark web). Bitcoin is often used to facilitate payments from transactions that occur in the deep web.

in May 2017 the biggest ransomware attack occurred throughout the world known as the WannaCry Ransomware. This virus has resulted in 241,000 US Dollar losses, this virus spreads through files, internet, websites, and infected computers.

RansomWare Not Petya is a development from WannaCry that has the same system, that is, the victim must send a number of Bitcoins.

2. Monero
Recently deep web users are considering the use of Monero Cryptocurrency as their transaction tool, the reason being none other than Moero focusing on privacy so that transaction data cannot be seen by many people and this is also used by cybercriminals.

3. Bitcoin Cash
Cybercriminals who use the Thanatos virus program, a computer infected with this virus will display a message to send $ 200 of money paid in the form of Bitcoin Cash. This is the first ransomware where players are required to purchase the decryption application before other malware does it automatically.

4. Ethereum
Is the second largest crypto. The HC7 Planetary program is a new type of ransomware, this device will infect computers on certain networks and infect other computers on the same network.

The orchestrator of this program demands 700 USD and if many infected officers charge 5,000 dollars if they want the infected device to be accessed again.

5. Verge and Dash
I put it together in two because it has similar features. These two cryptos have an attractive quality of privacy for cybercriminals who want to avoid the pursuit of law enforcement.

It's only a matter of time until protocol issues are applied to track hackers, Bitcoin is now an example for another crypto who are implementing a new transaction system on their blockchain so that they can be tracked and identified as their existence.

My advice is to do BackUp regularly, update regularly, and if your device is infected, you should not follow their wishes because it is very likely your file will not return.

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  1. I am new to cryptocurrency while learning from TRB:
    i found out there are different attacks too, faced it last week. But, thank GOD, my coach saved me.

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