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Many people hold Bitcoin but don't really spend it, mostly because it's hard to use and there aren't many stores that support bitcoin payments. Regarding this problem, many companies use this situation by making or issuing bitcoin debit cards, this card will be a bridge for people who want to spend their bitcoin. The following is the best bitcoin debit card in 2019 in my opinion.

1. Wirex
Wirex is a London-based cryptocurrency company and has several branch offices throughout the world. This company was founded in 2014, Wirex offers debt service for its customers.

Wirek is available for fiat currencies in USD, EUR, and UK POUN. Wirex debit cards can be used throughout countries that support VISA applications. Transactions at Wwirex can exceed 10,000 USD without being subject to additional fees.

Wirex currently supports several altcoins other than bitcoin such as WAVES to list assets that can be converted into Fiat currency.

2. Shift

the shift is a debit card issued by Coinbase companies based in America to make it easier for their customers to spend bitcoin easily. After you deposit the bitcoin, the debit card will be linked to your Coinbase wallet. Therefore, the card balance will be denominated in BTC. The shift will record the spot price of Bitcoin on the stock when you make a transaction.

3. BitPay
Bitpay is the most popular cryptocurrency payment service company in the world, this company has more than 10,000 clients worldwide. Bitpay debit cards are available nationally and also provide advantages over competitors in different states.

Bitpay supports cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to recharge your bank account. Slado cryptocurrency on Bitpay cards remains in US dollars, this is intended as a mechanism to protect value in the productive industry

4. AdvCash
AdvCash offers debit card services in USD, GBP, EUR, and RUB, but cannot send cards to several countries such as Middle Eastern countries, Venezuela and even the US. AdvCash debit cards can be used anonymously, but the withdrawal limit for unverified users is 500 USD and 3,000 for verified members.

This company has a competitive withdrawal fee of only 1.99 USD for depositing bitcoin converted to Fiat currency and AdvCash also does not charge service fees.

5. Cryptopay
Cryptopay is based in London UK, focusing on cryptocurrency services until now. Cryptopay is also known to be in talks to open its services in Singapore.

Cryptopay allows you to buy plastic cards or virtual cards that will be sent in three to eight weeks. The fees charged to return are only 2.50 USD, an average of 15.00 USD to buy a plastic card elsewhere.

6. Jubiter
Jubiters are based in Estonia and the company also operates the cryptocurrency exchange. This debit card will function the same as an ordinary visa card, Jubiter debit cards can be used in several countries that support VISA card payment services.

7. Uquid
Uquid offers 75 cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin to convert to Fiat currency. The Uquid debit card supports the currencies of GDP, EUR, and USD. The good news is you don't need to have a bank account to get a Uquid debit card.

Uquid offers two types: silver and gold. Silver accounts are limited to only 150 USD per day, while for a gold account there are no restrictions but must verify your identity (KYC). With a gold account, you can make purchases and withdrawals at an unlimited ATM.

8. SpectroCoin
SpectroCoin bears a resemblance to Uquid which provides various options for cryptocurrency and does not have to focus on bitcoin.

SpectroCoin based in Lithuania can send debit cards to almost all countries but 50,000 USD for shipping costs, SpectroCoin also offers virtual cards at a price of 9.00 EUR with instant delivery.

An exchange fee of 3% will be added with a service fee of 1.00 USD per month, and it will cost 2.5 USD if you want to convert Bitcoin to fiat.

9. FuzeX
FuzeX can store 40 types of cryptocurrency and can exchange with the help of 40 million ATMs spread throughout the world in real-time, remember they reject Bitcoin and only choose bitcoin cash (BCH) but they also add Ethereum and their original Tokens.

10. Revolut
Revolut is the star of European banking, they issue debit cards made of elegant metal with 1% cash back or 12.99 per month and 120 EUR per year, this card has many interesting advantages. However, those who make withdrawals are less than 600 EUR

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