Blockchain | Huawei Expands the market to Latin America

the biggest technology companies in China, Huawei, Medium Market, Latin America, and South America.

A Huawei executive said at the CIAB Febraban conference that there were products and services activated by blockchain to be available there. The relevant executive asks anonymously to answer:

"Everything will depend on the results of our market analysis and if there is market demand for blockchain we will make our services available in this area. Today we focus on storage, 5G, and telecommunications. "

The company claims to have a contract with the Brazilian government for storage solutions and is under discussion for 5G infrastructure. Last year Huawei launched the blockchain offering as a service through its platform cloud, reportedly this service allows the creation and management of blockchain applications with little cost.

Kerika mentioned that he resigned from the US and Chinese trade and issued his considerations to the company, executives agreed that it was only a matter of time and the problem that needed to be solved was access to Google's Android device license. The US will be approved by the US

The executive also said he did not know of further developments in cryptocurrency at his company, but believes there are no developments to support at this time.

Source: cointelegaph

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