Cryptocurrency | The new WhatsApp feature allows users to send Bitcoin

Now WhatsApp users can send and receive Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) through the platform thanks to bot Lite. Im created by the Zulu Republic. This bot is made to simplify the process of cryptocurrency transactions, to be closer to people's daily lives.

Facebook's own party is rumored to be releasing crypto and new payment services that will integrate with applications that are under the auspices of Facebook such as FBmassenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to send Bitcoin and Litecoin via WhatsApp is very easy to do, Users only need to add the WhatsApp botLite.Im and follow the instructions given. This bot also provides various other options and features besides sending Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Users get cryptocurrency through a referral program. Other Lite features. Among other things, the use of languages ​​includes English and Spanish, Ethereum (ETH) delivery and the delivery of the original Zulu Republic (ZTX) platform token.

The Zulu Republic also issued an integrated service that allows users to buy cryptocurrency via SMS with credit cards, telegrams, and FB messenger.

This good news also sparked some people's concerns because the latest WhatsApp is not quite safe from hacker attacks.

Just to remind, recently Facebook and Whatsapp got an attack by hackers who secretly installed spyware on iOS and Android smartphones using Whatsapp only with phone calls.

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The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, commented:
"Every time Whatsapp has to fix a critical vulnerability in their application, a new [attack] seems to reappear in the same place. All their security issues are suitable for surveillance, and the appearance and work are very similar to backdoors."

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