cryptocurrency | China e-commerce submitted 200 more Blockchain patents

According to the newspaper from the United Daily News, one of the largest e-commerce in the world from China,, has submitted 200 more Blockchain patents
In a powerful report also noted that other e-commerce giants Alibaba also submitted 262 blockchain patent applications, other Chinese companies namely Tencent and Baidu also filed blockchain patents, patents from the above companies were registered by Chinese intellectual information and communication centers.

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From the information and communication center of Chinese intellectuals, occupies the first place for global blockchain patents from Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu, which each come in second, seventh and fifteenth places.
From 2013 to 2018 China has submitted more than 4000 blockchain patents, and they are 48% of global blockchain patents originating from China, according to the "White Paper Situation Patent Blockchain (Version 1.0)" published by Telecom which is China's official website.
The United States is currently ranked second with 21% of the global blockchain patent, said to be the patent they submitted as many as 1,833 blockchain patents.
The Securities Daily said the details of blockchain patent filings by industry, companies amounted to 75% which were the most and from the submission of individuals, research institutions and government institutions. companies that submit large patents have links to the internet.

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Center for Chinese Intellectual Property and Communication Information suggests:
"It is recommended that the government do a good job in industrial supervision and supervision and improve the quality of patents. Companies must increase awareness of intellectual property protection and risk prevention, avoid blind investment in the blockchain field, submit low-value patents, and avoid future blockchain. There are many violation lawsuits in the field. "

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