Blockchain | Paypal prevents Ransomware attacks with new patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) publishes documents, the contents of which documents say digital payment companies Paypal have won cybersecurity patents to protect their users from virus Ransomware.

The patent in the document entitled "Techniques for ransomware detection and mitigation," which is intended to increase the detection of attacks by the Ransomware virus and prevent the virus from blocking user access to their files.

Ransomware is described by Paypal as malware that can encrypt the original file and delete unencrypted files, the Actor will ask for a ransom for the victim by asking him to send a number of bitcoins or another anonymous cryptocurrency to encrypt the file.

Paypal intends to prevent the offender from taking over the user's file by detecting the first copy of the original content of the file and preventing it from being deleted if the modified content has been encrypted. The patent also seeks to detect that ransomware is on the computer and is expected to reduce the negative impact of the malware.

Last year Paypal also filed another patent with the USPTO to increase the speed of payment of secondary private keys cryptocurrency, a patent intended to reduce transaction time between traders and consumers.

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