cryptocurrency news | Demand for Blockchain Legal Experts Increases

According to Director of Lindsey & Africa, Brian Burlant, the demand for legal experts with Blockchain technology knowledge is very high, the statement is published by the legal news and information site,

According to Burlant, law firms have difficulties from the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain for lawyers because of the lack of people who understand technology.

Burlant stated that:

"Into law students and those who are at the beginning of their legal careers, combining practical business approaches with understanding technological work are good ways. Law students focus on the blockchain, and not on cryptocurrencies because the blockchain will be a game changer. "

Mary K. Young, a partner at the Zeughauser Group, said:

"I think the blockchain space is very popular for lawyers towards the end of 2017, and then cryptocurrency crashes occur, and many lawyers working in the crypto industry or blockchain are returning calmly to whatever they did before, like Silicon Valley in the 90s. "

Young also noted that privacy law has grown substantially, with many global and national companies having additional capabilities in the data security and privacy sector in the past five years.

Recent estimates predict that Blockchain global spending can reach the US $ 2.9 billion in 2019 and constitute an 88.7% increase over last year. The financial sector is predicted to become a leading industry in terms of development and development of the Blockchain this year. Services such as banking, securities, investment services, and insurance services are expected to invest more than $ 1.1 billion of total global blockchain expenditure.

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