Bitcoin History | First Transaction of Bitcoin Through Radio Networks

Message transmission via Radio Signal occurred on 12 December 1901, Guglielmo Marconi and George Kemp received the first transatlantic radio signal. At that time the handles and antennae use elevated wire using a kite.

The first message sent at that time was only the letter "S" which was sent using Morse password. The message was sent from Poldhu, Cornwall. Long story short Radiopun waves became a popular communication tool in the twentieth century.

From a technical review, radio waves can indeed be used to transmit Bitcoin transactions. If you know Bitcoin deeply, then the transaction is tantamount to sending a message via radio waves.

JS8 Protocol from JS8 Protocol System is a protocol needed to be able to send Bitcoin transactions with radio waves. JS8Call is a communication network protocol software that uses weak signals at high frequencies. JS8Call interface uses keyboard to keyboard to communicate.

The JS8 protocol is available for free (OpenSource). If you want to feel or try to send Bitcoin via radio waves, you can download it for free on the website. The device you need to prepare to run JS8 some of the devices below: 
  • Linux 64 Bit
  • Raspbian Stretch
  • Windows 10 / Mac OS
  • SDR Radio (Software defined radio)
  • 7Mhz antenna (approximately 40 meters)

How to install
  • Prepare the devices mentioned above
  • Install JS8Call Software
  • Connect your SDR device to JS8Call and use Wave 7.077Mhz
  • Finish, then you just have to choose who Bitcoin will be sent. Of course in people who have the same device.

Frequency waves may be different, to overcome them you only need to change the settings.

Bitcoin transmission via radio wave transmission first occurred on February 13 to coincide with the day of World Radio, even though the shipment had to be restarted.

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