Hardfork Cryptocurrency | Tron Will Do Hard At The End Of This Month

HardFork on the Tron Blockchain will be done by the end of this month and will add new features suitable for institutional investors.

Justin Sun as CEO of Tron, via posting even though the social announced that it will occur on February 28, 2019 or the end of the month, this upgrade will include the addition of firut-features such as multi-sig.

"#Tron will launch a 3.5 hardfork increase on 2/28. New features: 1. multi-sig and acct mng, ready for institutions 2. Dynamic energy adjustments for real-time network performance 3. 50 percent higher performance & res usage 4. Better VM security, event servers for Dapps. Go #TRX $ TRX "

Multi-Sig and account management will provide more security for Blockchain transactions. In addition the collaboration with BitGO makes Tron ready to accommodate institutional investors who are interested in entering or entering the Cryptocurrency space.

"Multi-sig, management account, and custody are the three main requirements of the institution. Recently we have received a lot of requests from hedge funds, mainstream investors and financial institutions. With a 3.5 upgrade and partnership with @BitGo, #TRON is ready! "

This update also includes the management of dynamic energy systems to increase the efficiency of the Blockchain. As is known that Konsumse is a serious problem for Cryptocurrency along with Bitcoin, Tron also acknowledges the need to skip energy management to overcome this problem.

So far Tron has surpassed Ethereum in the speed of transactions and this increase will make it much better. Tron Virtual Machine also has a number of improvements for developers of dApps. The server for dApps was also launched as part of the Odyssey Network 3.5.

This increase might push Tron (TRX) prices to higher prices, until now Torn prices (TTRX) are monitored at $ 0.002807 at CMC and $ 0.02260 on CoinGecko.

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