TOP Ethereum Mining | Best Ethereum Cloud mining in 2019

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency according to market capacity, Ethereum is considered to be profitable for miners and makes these coins increasingly popular.

Ethereum was created in 2015 through ICO and became the most popular altcoin in the eyes of cryptocurrency lovers. however, currently, the Ethereum is difficult to do with the usual method.

Currently installing an independent mining installation is considered very expensive compared to the benefits. This problem makes miners switch to cloud mining systems because installation and maintenance are carried out by third parties, the benefits and costs of cloud mining maintenance are also considered not too expensive and save money.

Cloud mining is cryptocurrency mining using a leased mining device from a cryptocurrency mining service company. Usually, the service providers provide various mining package options that are tailored to the budget and hashing power used.

I tried to help you choose the platform of the Ethereum miner that is right for you, I chose the Cloud Cloud mining because of their consistent credibility and performance.

Genesis Mining
Genesis mining is one of the best cloud mining services in the world, its headquarters is in Iceland. Mining contract in Genesis mining runs out, this shows how good this service is in doing their work.

Contact mining and the cost of maintenance here is quite expensive and the display is quite confusing for beginners. Apart from that Genesis mining is often hunted by cryptocurrency lovers.

HashFlare is the best platform for those who focus on the Ethereum miner. Contract mining is fairly cheap here with $ 1.40 per 100 KH / s with a duration of 12 months / one year. In addition, other benefits are low maintenance and electricity costs and can modify Kontrack regularly.

HashFlare provides several payment options through BTC, Webmoney, and Player. this service is centered in Europe, precisely in Estonia and Iceland.

This service has been around since 2014, Weinergate provides cloud mining and independent services (for those who want to mine with personal computers), this service has 1.5 clients and 20,000 of them have purchased contract mining regularly. Minergate partners with Hashing24 for mining pool matters.

The advantage of choosing MinerGate
  • The investment costs are quite small for beginners
  • Lifetime contracting
  • The mining process starts the next day after the cash payment and the client will receive the first payment in 2 to 3 days.
  • Comfortable and simple snacks and convenient profitability graph displays and calculators to estimate profitability.
  • Give instant funds to your wallet (automatically enter after reaching the limit)

CryptoMminingFarm is a Cloud mining service based in Thailand that was established in 2014. This company offers virtual mining, which is another party that manages its mining facilities.

The advantage of CryptoMminingFarm is that new users will be given a bonus of 50 GHs and spend a lifetime if they have made a contact payment. The contract here varies from 3 months to 15 years and for life.

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