Dapps Ethereum | 5 Best Dapps and Popular Ethereum 2019

Ethereum is a P2P digital system in the world, but this is known as the most popular Smart-Contrack dApps. About 90% of dApps and Smart-Contract on the internet are built using the Ethereum platform.

Ethereum dApps has features such as Open-Source, incentives, decentralization, and tokens, and Built-in Consensus. some dApps are made with the specific purpose of solving existing problems. Of the many dApps that are built using Ethereum here is the best dApps.

IDEX is a digital currency exchange platform that is popular in the ethereum network and only lists ERC-20 tokens made using ethereum. IDEX is made by Aurora, a company that develops various financial services.

IDEX is integrated with the Metamask platform and hardware wallet that supports the ERC-20 like Ledge Nano.

Alternative to LocalBitcoins. This platform allows users to buy and sell Ether Tokens throughout the world.

LocalEthereum is available in more than 100 countries and has 70,000 more active users. The transaction method from LocalEthere is that buyers will get their crypto if the seller has received payment of money. The payment method accepted is bank and transafer or paypal cryptocurrency.

Etlance is an innovative platform aimed at finding jobs and freelancers who are paid using cryptocurrency Ethereum. Because this platform is built using a blockchain and does not require registration and there is no reduction in commissions.

This platform aims to revolutionize business management. dApps is created to manage autonomous organizations or decentralized DAOs. This platform allows it to be applied to companies, organizations and other institutions.

CryptoKitties is unique dApps, this platform is a game where users can maintain cats and collect digital. Then, you can sell or buy it and breed it. This game requires users to use their Ethereum for effectiveness such as transactions and others.

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