Blockchain Project | Understanding WhitePaper and LightPepper

In the Cryptocurrency room, Whitepapper is a document presented by companies that contain company information to encourage or convince investors to participate in their ICO. However, there is also a Star-up cryptocurrency that makes Lightpapper, what is lightpapper and what is the difference and function with cryptocurrency?

Whitepapper contains in-depth technical information about the project being worked on. This document records: Vision and Mission, Consensus Algorithm, Road map, funds needed, ICO technical, list of partners and investors, and others.

Not every whitepapper is made in the same structure, because each company has a different purpose and is designed to be more convincing for investors. But basically it tends to discuss several topics as follows.

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  • Introduction
  • Problem definition
  • project technical solutions
  • Project to be created
  • Sales Tokens
  • Road map
  • Partners and Investors
  • Work Structur
Introduction is something that is important in providing the primer that is expected by the reader better.

Definition is the problem the company is trying to solve to provide a context for why the project is needed.

Solution is problem solving (Definition) given by the company and realized in the project.

The project to be created is the main goal of a company, the application that will be created is the solution to the problem that will be resolved.

Sales Tokens include ICO start and end schedules, personal and public sales schedules, prices per token, number of cards and hardcaps, supported payments etc.

Road maps are ways or paths that companies will take to realize their project.

Partners and Invertors are people or entities that support the project being worked on

Work structure is the structure of the list of people involved in the project

LightPapper contains workflows Products that will be created include architectures such as PoW or PoS, Nodes, Algorithms, How the application works, Blockchain used, Number of Tokens, Distribution and others.

In general, Lightpapper is usually updated regularly during the process, the lightpapper is made to complement with the papper.

Apart from WhitePaper and LightPaper there are still many things like Redpepper and Yellow papper, but I will explain on another day. may be useful.

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