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Many things are discussed and debated since the emergence of Bitcoin until now there are still many pros and cons that occur in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrency debates are still struggling with price, use, legal and security volatility.

everything must have its own history as well as with Bitcoin, Bitcoin was created as a fast and reliable transaction tool and of course, from this transaction, there are moments of transactions written or remembered in history.

The first Bitcoin transaction was carried out by its own creator Satoshi Nakamoto. He sent a number of Bitcoins to Hal Finney, who is one of the Bitcoin developers. Both Nakamoto or Finney, both of them are the most meritorious people in creating and developing Bitcoin and even Finney's name is used as the Smart Phone Blockchain name output by Sirin Lab.

On May 22, 2010, there was a Florida programmer named Hanyecz who bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC, then one BTC for $ 0.004 or currently worth $ 3,400. The transaction makes it the biggest transaction in the history of Bitcoin and celebrated every May 22 ladder with the name "Pizza Day Bitcoin", until now the tracking ID is still on the blockchain

Bitcoin Pizza ID Transactions

In 2013, the largest Bitcoin transaction was conducted where 194,933 BTC, equivalent to 149 million US dollars, was transferred. However, the transaction details of this transaction are not known who the person is.

Mt.Gox became the first Bitcoin exchange to be hacked and became the biggest Bitcoin hacker to date. This case made the price of Bitcoin drop significantly and until now the case has not been completed.

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