TOP AltCoin list | Top 10 Altcoin for Buy-In 2019

The number of ICO and Altcoin exploded in the period between 2017-2018 and made this year a wild year in the world of cryptocurrency. At least earlier this year there was an estimated more than 2000 new cryptocurrency. However, many of the new heights are weakened because they lose in terms of creativity and vision.

For those of you who want to invest, don't ignore it first, it's important to remember that some altcoins will develop along with a lot of support and a warm climate. Here are 10 Altcoin that is expected to generate profits in the future.

Stellar - XLM
Stellar is a fast, efficient and inexpensive cross-border payment service provider. Stellar is only used for individuals and not for large installations. Stellar offers a 5-second transaction speed and a low-cost star can process 6000,000 transactions at a cost of 0.01 USD, unlike PayPal applying a 5% fee per transaction.

Stellar uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol algorithm to win blockchain energy consumption. Stellar has also worked with several large technologies such as IBM.

Basic Attention Token - BAT
BAT is an intermediary between advertisers, publishers, and users. BAT partnered with the Brave Browser and integrated with BAT. The Brave browser can eliminate malware and protect user privacy when surfing the internet.

EOS is like dApps similar to Ethereum but provides several advantages over Ethereum that require Solidity programming knowledge. EOS provides services to developers such as database management and accounts that don't require programming knowledge.

EOS also has other advantages such as faster and more scalable than ethereum. EOS does not require users to pay GAS to use the network, EOS does not have a GAS because a centralized group of 21 gatekeepers will approve the transaction.

EOS is also supported by a large and enthusiastic community, EOS coins cannot be mined and block producers are chosen by Consensus. Just this stone EOS gets a large capital from the sale of their tokens to develop its full potential.

Ripple - XRP
Ripple is the third largest limit money transfer and cryptocurrency service according to its market capacity. This startup does not hold an ICO, Ripple offers a global financial settlement for a cross-country banking institution. Unlike Stellar, Ripple targets the financial institutions of large banks throughout the world.

Ripple aims to provide the security and speed of conventional banking transactions, currently, Ripple has worked with dozens of major banks around the world and the SEC also states that Ripple is safe.

Ox is an open service decentralized protocol ERC-20. OX is now an altcoin that promises to be a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges through the OX protocol. Coinbase OX is mentioned as having received support from the developer community.

Zec is very safe and sought after by people who want to transact anonymously and privately. ZEC is growing more rapidly in the darknet market. Recently the Zcash Team has carried out technical updates and claims that it will reduce transaction privacy memory consumption by 98%. Coinbase's blog also says Zcash has great potential.

Recently Tron acquired BitTorrent if Tron can develop a more reliable and decentralized Torrenting mode in the future. hence, this acquisition will be very meaningful. for example, if distributing parts of a file throughout the network and reassembling them for user download.

Another thing that supports TRON is TRX is one of the TRC-20 tokens that can be used in NET. Currently, TRON has more than 300,000 accounts, although it is far less than Ethereum but has impressive growth. this reason is what makes TRON have a solid future.

Ethereum Classic - ETC
ETC can have a solid future because Ethereum moves towards proof of the stake system. Some people want to use ETC above the new protocol because they prefer the Working Consensus. Coinbase Also adds ETC in its collection. This is a good thing because this coin doesn't end rotten and has a good future.

Litecoin - LTC
Litecoin was founded in 2011 by a former Google employee and became the 10th largest cryptocurrency. LTC took the main features of Bitcoin and increased its technology. Litecoin has 84 million coin positions. the average mining time of blocks on the TLChain blockchain is 2m5 minutes and at this time the LTC has entered the collection list Coin base and this is also a sign that LTC has a good future.

Monero - XMR
Monero is coin privacy and is also used on the darknet site. This coin has a solid transaction and hides the transactions made on an ad hoc basis to become a private transaction. Monero uses the same algorithm as Bitcoin, PoW. at present Monero has a high support base due to the principle of privacy and decentralization. the whare is an original Cryptocurrency concept.

Disclaimer: "This article only serves as a reference for your investment, all responsibilities and decisions are in your hands."

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